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Making beautiful smiles a simple science

Orthodontics is our passion

We at Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) provide a complete orthodontic system so that dentists can give their patients healthy, beautiful smiles. From effective training to supplies and software, we enable dentists to have what they need to be successful. Our graduates are some of the most thoughtful, dedicated and skilled in their fields, and we’re immensely proud of that.

Since we were founded in 1984, we have been on an amazing journey. Our Traditional Orthodontics Series has grown to have 8000+ graduates, 40 worldwide locations, 500+ pages of treatment plan detail, and around 7600 hours of live training each year. In 2019 we have grown to add 720 hours of orthodontic aligner education too. Although our technology and influence continue to grow, we are dedicated to stay true to our core beliefs. We are proud to be part of the world’s most robust GP orthodontic community.

Reinventing what dentists can do

Dr. B. Donald McGann started his career in a time when there were limited orthodontic opportunities for dentists. Although there wasn’t much available for GPs, he studied every orthodontic article, book, and class that he could as well as his own detailed cases.

Because of restricted orthodontic opportunities, GPs often did subpar work or avoided fully helping their patients. Dr. McGann felt that the profession could do better and that every dentist should have the chance to help their patients with quality orthodontics. He felt an obligation to share what he knew, which started something quite progressive.

Through decades of innovation, legislative support, and graduates’ high level of care, POS was able to reinvent what dentists could do. From the dedication of Dr. McGann and many others, dentists around the world have the opportunity to pursue a high knowledge of every specialty, including orthodontics.

Our teaching philosophy

Staying true to our founding principles, we have shared the joys of orthodontics with whom ever would like to practice it well.

You will learn “real orthodontics”. To develop the skills that you will use most, you will continually diagnose and treatment plan actual cases in a way that simulates your own practice. You will analyze well-documented cases (even those with complications and mistakes). Unlike other programs, our candid training allows you to understand how to deal with any problem and avoid the mistakes that others have made.

All of our instructors teach the same system: a straight archwire philosophy with modern, customizable technology. We think it’s important to understand orthodontics comprehensively to best help your patients and avoid the issues that come from “shortcuts”. Instructors will teach you extraction and non-extraction options for patients of all ages and how orthodontics relates in a GP practice where there are multiple needs.

Leading dental education with the McGann Group

The McGann Group was founded in 1984 by Dr. B. Donald McGann with the goal of sharing his knowledge of dentistry with the world. Since its founding, the McGann Group has grown to seven brands, covering all areas of dentistry to better support dentists.

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