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Tuition Details:

Tuition: $1500 per seminar, paid by each seminar


  • Worldwide lifetime free retake policy
  • SmileStream Orthodontic Software
  • Free mentoring and IP Appliance for 1st case
  • Lifetime support
  • On-demand streaming seminar videos
  • IAT online study access

Required Materials: (not included in tuition)

You will gain new tools to open up a world of orthodontic capabilities not possible a decade ago. You can now use techniques like  skeletal anchorage to diagnose the vertical dimension, allowing you to have predictable results with your deep bite and gummy smile patients.  

Improve the prognosis and health of all your patients as you explore how orthodontic principles can be an integral part of your GP practice. Whether or not you decide to treat patients  who need multidisciplinary treatmentor surgery, it’s important to learn  the proper diagnostic technique and how to discuss the case with your team and patients. This is a rewarding module, since you will be able  to make a significant difference for many patients after this class.  

Module 3 is equivalent to Seminars 9-12 in the  Live Series format. This is the end of your ‘basic orthodontic series’. After your extensive studying, this program will probably be one of the  most challenging experiences of your career. But hopefully it will  cultivate one of the most rewarding parts of your dental practice. 


Hands-On Exercises:       

  • Practice skeletal anchorage techniques  on a skull model: place bone plates, pins, wires, and coils in the  proper position and direction
  • Activate warren springs
  • Present two of your own orthodontic cases
  • Diagnose and treatment plan multidisciplinary cases and severe Class II and III cases 

Lecture Highlights:

  • Dentofacial Orthodontics: Do More Than ‘Just’ Straighten Teeth 
  • Skeletal Anchorage and Surgical Application for Easier and More Effective Ortho 
  • Bone Plates versus Ortho Anchors (TADs) with Mechanics for Each 
  • Deep Bite, Gingival Display and Occlusal Plane Cants are No Longer a Problem! 
  • Maximal Retraction Is No Longer an Issue 
  • Severe Midline Correction with Skeletal Anchorage 
  • Management of Severe Impactions 
  • Coordinating with the Maxillofacial Surgeon, Periodontist, or Do It Yourself  
  • Managing Growth and Severe Skeletal Issues in Class II Cases 
  • Severe Skeletal Class III Cases & Lower Retraction with Bone Remodeling 
  • Surgical VTO Predictions, Treatment Plans, & Working with the Surgeon
  • Improving the Prognosis of Periodontal and TMD Cases with Orthodontics 
  • Building Ridges with Orthodontics before Implant Placement 
  • Corticotomies to Overcome Skeletal Resistance and Extend the Movement

After this class you can: 

Manage complex cases, understand multiple dimensions of orthodontics and avoid the common issues within the  specialty. You may now help patients that have gummy smile, deep bite,  or need a multidisciplinary treatment plan.You now can represent  yourself and POS well with a high level of orthodontic knowledge.


Seminar Date:


When you register for Seminar 1, your seat will be reserved for the remaining 11 seminars in the series location. If you wish to attend any seminar at a different location, you will be able to modify your schedule.

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