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Tuition Details:

Tuition: $1500 per seminar, paid by each seminar


  • Worldwide lifetime free retake policy
  • SmileStream Orthodontic Software
  • Free mentoring and IP Appliance for 1st case
  • Lifetime support
  • On-demand streaming seminar videos
  • IAT online study access

Required Materials: (not included in tuition)

This module will shift more into diagnosis, treatment planning, and  the actual treatment of the cases you will see. You will work with  slightly more difficult cases and material to expand the range and  efficiency of your capabilities.

Module 2 is equivalent to Seminars 5-8 in the  Live Series format. You will learn new principles in greater depth,  including those in mixed dentition, Class III, impactions, finishing,  and asymmetry. Gain more understanding of the best appliance for each  treatment. Become proficient with TPAs, T-loops, finishing bends, niti closed coils, RPE, and Class II mechanics.  

Hands-On Exercises:

  • Fabricate and activate TPAs
  • Practice finishing bends 
  • Cervical headgear, utility arches, advancing arches, and niti closed coil activations
  • Diagnose and Edit a Customized Treatment Plan for 4 Cases 

Lecture Highlights:


  • Introduction to Dentofacial Orthodontics and Multiple Option Consultation 
  • Identifying Skeletal Resistance and What This Means to Treatment 
  • Anchorage Planning with Technology for Consistent Finishes 
  • Management of Class III and Class III Tendency Cases 
  • Growth in Class II Cases & Treatment of Deep Bite Cases 
  • Diagnosing and Treating Impacted Teeth
  • Mixed Dentition Treatment Plan 
  • When Extraction of Molars or Lateral Incisors May Be the Best Treatment
  • Predicting and Treating Incisor Advancement and Protrusion 
  • Management of Protrusive Growing and Non-Growing Cases 
  • Add Growth to Computer Predictions to Diagnose at the Top of the Profession 
  • Establish a System to Diagnose and Treat Asymmetric Cases 
  • Labial Cortical Bone Remodeling for More Non-Extraction Treatments 

After this class you will: 

Understand Class II and Class III patients with better diagnostic knowledge and treatment tools

Apply new tools  like TPAs and growth management skills to help your young patients

Diagnose and treat cases with moderate severity, including some cases with asymmetry and biprotrusion

Use patients’ growth with more  confidence

Seminar Date:


When you register for Seminar 1, your seat will be reserved for the remaining 11 seminars in the series location. If you wish to attend any seminar at a different location, you will be able to modify your schedule.

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