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Tuition: $1500 per seminar, paid by each seminar


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  • Free mentoring and IP Appliance for 1st case
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Required Materials: (not included in tuition)

Basic Skeletal Anchorage and Surgical Application for  Vertical Control and Lower Minimum Anchorage & Gingival Display Protocols

Seminar 9 is a class favorite. This is the  first seminar where you diagnose and treat the vertical dimension. You will gain new tools like skeletal anchorage to open up a new world of  orthodontic capabilities. You will learn the proper approach and  placement within skeletal anchorage for stable and predictable results.

You will now have a protocol on how to diagnose and treatment plan your deep bite and gummy smile patients.  



  • Diagnose and Treatment Plan 4 Cases of Increasing Severity 
  • Dentofacial Orthodontics: Do More Than ‘Just’ Straighten Teeth 
  • Skeletal Anchorage and Surgical Application for Easier and More Effective Ortho 
  • Bone Plates versus Ortho Anchors (TADs) with Mechanics for Each 
  • Deep Bite, Gingival Display and Occlusal Plane Cants are No Longer a Problem! 
  • Diagnosis Protocol and Treatment of Gingival Display 

Hands-On Exercises: 

Practice skeletal anchorage techniques on a  skull model: place bone plates, pins, wires, and coils in the proper  position and direction

After this seminar you can: 

Diagnose the vertical dimension of cases.  You can use these new skills to improve treatment on your gummy smile  and deep bite patients. 

*At this seminar, you are invited to bring  your surgeon to learn with you for the first 3 afternoons (for no  charge). You and your surgeon may work together to place the appliance  to create a stable, effective anchorage and force. You will learn how to  help patients with a minimally invasive procedure (that either you or  your surgeon can do).

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