The Section 4 Series "Dentofacial Orthodontics" will expand your treatment options above the level that many others provide. We will teach you the effective techniques that your patients will prefer over invasive surgery. Learn how to favorably change the appearance of your patients. There is much more that you can do for many of your cases, and patients will pay more for this better service.

You will personally diagnose and treatment plan one case per day, with extra cases as time permits. It is YOU that needs to learn to do the work on these cases, making the tough decisions and treatment plans for the unusual circumstances.

Students will also receive the new Growth Management Software (free) to help them better treat their growing patients. This software will help you calculate your patients' growth statistics in less than 5 minutes. You may use this software to impress parents with the most accurate data since you now can use individualized growth predictions that are calculated from each patient's age, sex, bite, race and proportions.

This 16-day series is recommended for all Progressive Orthodontics "Comprehensive Orthodontic Series" graduates.

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Seminar 13: Zygomatic Buttress Skeletal Anchorage, Line of Force Planning & Corticotomies

  • How to diagnose and plan zygomatic buttress skeletal anchorage
  • Management of possible complications
  • Plan line of force for predictable and consistent results
  • Introduction to upper and lower anterior corticotomy
  • When and when not to add a corticotomy to the treatment
  • Corticotomy location and treatment mechanics utilizing skeletal anchorage
  • Extending the limits of tooth movement to where orthodontic surgery can be avoided

Seminar 14: Individual Growth Prediction and Management & Growing Class II and III

  • Individual growth prediction and management is now a reality
  • Make treatment plans more effective on your growing patients
  • Vertical growth management
  • Dentofacial vs. orthognathic approaches to the growing class III patient
  • Class II growth management for more non extraction treatments
  • “Pivot” mechanics and more zygomatic buttress capabilities
  • Growth management VTO using the McGann Growth Management software

Seminar 15: Total Maxillary Impaction and Retraction, Mandible Auto-Rotation & Distalization of the Upper Arch

  • Multiple coils for total maxillary impaction and retraction
  • Auto-rotation of the mandible for a better appearance
  • Distalizing the entire upper dental arch without extraction, even in skeletal open bite cases
  • Correct gingival display using anterior and posterior intrusion and retraction when the entire maxilla has super-erupted
  • How to apply multiple closed coils to bone plates to change facial appearance previously impossible

Seminar 16: Use All Your Tools: Molar Intrusion, Major Vertical Changes, Multiple Extractions, with Hands-On Wire Bending

  • Use all your tools to correct some of the world’s most difficult cases
  • You now have tools that are only available at POS
  • Surgery, corticotomy, skeletal anchorage, TMD, asymmetry, pre-implant ortho
  • Molar intrusion, cleft palate, major vertical changes, multiple extractions…anything and everything!
  • Hands-on exercises: case finishing, wire bending, and archform manipulations

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